AO first trials

Hi everybody!

So I’ve been exploring now the Audio Orchestrator for a week and I must say: Great stuff! Congrats to the team who mad that thing so easy to work with. Excellent documentation to get started. And of course such a neat and easy to use appliction to create, arrange and preview the things you want to do. WOW! That really inspires you to try out everything (and there are sooooo many things to explore!).
I didn’t conceive a whole new piece for now. But got immedienatly encouraged to re-work some previous stuff I did or had involved in.

So, as a sneak preview I share two links here.
*Please keep within this community and for your private entertainment only! *
For testing purposes they’re on my own private stage server and not published officially.

The first one has been an pilot for an object-based 3D audio piece I had created in 2014 for the team at IRT (our German broadcasting R&D ,which is badly treated by their proprietors and will be closed down) to work on their POC production tool and renderer (where parts are now within EAR and the EAR PS).
btw. the original idea for that has been supported by some of your colleages at BBC: Chris P., Tony C. and Simon T.

The other one - probably more pleasing - hast been one of BR’s contribution to the ORPHEUS project’s pilot pieces. “The Art of Foley” was produced in three laguages (DE, EN, FR). This is just the end bit, Finale furioso, the ultimate challenge for every foley artist: a frog concerto.

I’m now three weeks off.


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Hi Werner,

Thanks so much for sharing these — I’ve really enjoyed listening this morning. I think they both work very well.

The World War 1 piece offers the listener lots of flexibility in what they hear and where. It was interesting hearing the dialogue in two languages at the same time, separated on devices in different places.

And the frog concerto is just really nice and immersive on a couple of devices.

Enjoy your time off.

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Thanks Jon. You may have noticed, that a few English voices come from the BBC. Chris P. was so kind to arrange a few recording back in the day as we considered to make that big…
In ORPHEUS it got rejected, as some thought it’s too heavy (and sure, it’s not an easy snack).
I might add some more English and French translations - but then only from tts systems - here and there, to add some more options.
Theses two pieces help to illustrate our staff at BR the opportunities - and I already get reactions that some are thrilled and start their idea machines… :wink: That’s a good sign!
Best regards

Great to hear! Please let me know if you’d like me to give a talk on Audio Orchestrator or our work on orchestration at some point. I’d be happy to arrange something.