Audio Orchestrator release

Hi All,

We released the first version of Audio Orchestrator into the world yesterday—it’s now available to request from the MakerBox page. There’s also a great video with some ideas of things that you could do with the tool.

Audio Orchestrator is designed to make it easy to experiment with orchestrated audio—that’s using connected everyday devices like phones, tablets, and laptops to deliver an immersive, interactive audio experience. For a really detailed guide of everything you can do with the tool, and how to use it, see the documentation.

There’s an example project that comes with the tool to get you started, or you could check out the first trial audio drama that we released on BBC Taster, The Vostok-K Incident. We’re planning to add new example projects over the coming weeks and months.

Really excited to see what kind of things people are going to build. If you use the tool, please do keep us updated on the forum! And get in touch if you have any problems/comments/questions etc.


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I’ve written a blog post that explains some of the background to Audio Orchestrator, and how we developed it into its present state. We had some good sessions around a whiteboard discussing what the workflow should look like.

Keen to hear from anyone who’s started playing with the tool — let us know what you think!


Thanks for sharing the blog post Jon! Really interesting to hear about the journey from early concept through to the release of this tool.

Please leave a message if you’ve got Audio Orchestrator installed already :raised_hands:

Also let us know if you’re having any issues getting set up so we can help you :nerd_face:

The example project is really handy for getting you up and running so do check it out.

Talk soon,



Thanks for accepting me for the Audio Orchestrator test, but it seems that the app is only available for MacOS ?
I hadn’t seen it mentioned anywhere before.
Is a Windows version also planned?
Otherwise, no chance for me…

Hi Jean-Marc,

Yes, I’m afraid Audio Orchestrator is only available for MacOS at the moment. Sorry that wasn’t mentioned very clearly on the MakerBox tool page—we’ll try to make it a bit more prominent.

(In case it’s useful for anyone reading this, system requirements are given in the documentation.)

There are no plans right now for a Windows version (we’re a very small dev team), but we’ll keep monitoring this and let you know if there are any updates on this.