August 2021 Audio Orchestrator update

Hi Everyone,

The latest version of Audio Orchestrator (v0.21.1) is now available. The most substantial change came about a result of some feedback that we collected from users—thanks to everyone who completed our survey and/or took part in interviews.

We observed that it was hard to quickly make and test changes to an orchestrated mix, as after every change it was necessary to regenerate the preview and reconnect devices. So we designed and built a monitoring system into Audio Orchestrator. On the Monitoring page, you can add virtual devices to see how the behaviours you’ve set up affect how objects are allocated to those devices. This should make it much easier to test that you’re achieving the orchestrated mix that you desire. You can also connect Audio Orchestrator up to your DAW to hear the effect on the mix. See the documentation for more details. The monitoring system was developed by Sonal Tandon during a placement as part of the BBC R&D graduate scheme, with support from Kristian Hentschel.

We also made some further smaller changes (detailed in the change log).

  • In the prototype application, you can now choose to show the connection instructions on the main playing page. This makes it easier for users to connect extra devices in certain sequences (for example, introduction or on-boarding sequences).
  • When calibration mode is enabled, a prompt will appear on aux devices to make it more obvious.
  • We have documented a hidden feature of the prototype application where sequence destinations can be styled as thumbnail images.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback and what you’re using the tool for. Let us know how you get on with the new version in the comments!