Bison project (first attempt)

Hello everyone: I have really enjoyed working with this software. The potentials seem unlimited. Here is my first attempt at an ‘audio installation’ using recordings from inside a bison herd in Montana: I am glad my microphone didn’t get stomped.

I am curious to know if others are able to get the page and the sounds to work too. Does the use of the radio buttons on the aux devices make sense? Any feedback is much appreciated.



Awesome! This is exactly what I’m looking for myself. I could use the radio buttons to switch between sounds, and it worked well. Hans

Thanks! I’ll start sharing the link more widely.

Cool! Works well for me.

Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

It works really well. I like how you’ve used the radio button labels to suggest placement - nice, clean and makes sense. May well encourage users to connect four devices as a complete set - I connected the two I had to hand, but wanted to connect four to get the full experience!

Funnily enough, just last week, I saw bison up close for the first time in my life (in the Cairngorms, Scotland) - a small herd of European bison who sounded very much like this!

Thanks for sharing!

Glad the radio buttons make sense. It seemed like a simple way to assign speakers. I hope to try other configurations with different sounds. And I am so glad to hear that bison are coming back in Europe.