Clicks on Audio Orchestrator

Hi all,

I’m again experiencing clicks on the Audio Orchestrator. It does primarily occur on drones, or long tones. I uploaded a few tests, so maybe you can check these out.

The file was for my students to experiment with beat frequencies, so the sounds are all sine tones, fading in & out. The sounds were originally 48K and 24Bit, I thought it may help by reducing the load converting it to 44.1K and 16 Bit. I didn’t hear much of a difference.

The two test I uploaded are 44.1K and 16 Bit. In the sounds are normalized, in they are -24dB. Not much difference, though.

There is only one single sound per device at all times, they are not mixed together. Channel 1 is a bass drone, all other channels are sinetones between 200 and 212 Hz.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Hans

Hello Hans,

this does sound a lot like the similar problem you had previously and we haven’t been able to fully solve unfortunately, but I’ll have another look at it before putting out the next version of Audio Orchestrator in a few weeks.

Could you share the WAV file (ideally the original 48K) for your main device bass drone? You can email me on kristian.hentschel at bbc co uk. I’ve tried this clip from freesound and while I’m hearing some clicks they aren’t nearly as pronounced as in your example.

Kristian Hentschel