Data to drive engagement

Personally I love to geek out on IMDB when watching content but not sure if that is just because I’m a geek! Do you think having IMDB like data next to the content helps or hinders engagement?

What information would help to grab your attention and draw you in?

I’m a big fan of having IMDb to hand when I’m watching content, but I do find interfaces that place it on top of the content (such as the one Amazon Prime one) quite distracting, especially as the information is usually quite obvious or uninteresting!

It’s the kind of thing that’s only useful when I want it, which is normally very occasionally to find an obscure actor’s name etc. So having it pop up whenever the show pauses, etc. can be annoying!

I guess I’d be more excited by obscure information, or to have it as an option when I’m rewatching, like a kind of visual commentary track. But I don’t know about other people?

I agree Thom the overlay approach is not the right way to go. When you pause you often want to see the content you have paused!

But perhaps something like an additional option at that point to view ‘iPlayer +’ content which presents metadata about current scene, show, actors etc and has semantic links to other content that allows me to see other content from BBC vault related to what I am watching?

Yeah! I think that giving the option would work well. If we’re getting really pie in the sky then I always wish that streamers had a better (or at least more coherent) log of my viewing history, and this might be a really good place directly related programs and archive info, etc.

Interesting (?) update on this one. I was watching a film yesterday where the on screen data (which came up automatically when I paused), gave away some spoilers in terms of character names/actors, and also anticipated some needle drops ahead of time (including some incredible Dusty Springfield). I just thought this was an interesting one to add to the conversation: when can too much data get in the way of the storytelling rather than enhancing it?

Yes that is a really interesting issue! We were working with Sony and Disney on a system where you tag your metadata on a scene basis, so you can control what data you want to present, and when it might be appropriate. Would go someway towards addressing the spoiler issue.

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