Directing contributors for UGC

One of the strengths of Seenit is in the way you can communicate with your contributors. Letting people know what you want, where you want them to be and what they should focus on, for example, helps create a structure and increases the likelihood of useful footage being captured.

It’s worth however considering the experience of your contributor.

UGC relies on the time, will and energy of others. The incentive for contribution isn’t straight forward and, for this reason, UGC often struggles yielding a sufficient quantity of submissions.

At the Edinburgh Fringe we conducted tests where we had three teams of UGC contributors, each received instructions that varied in their level of explicit direction and instruction.

The sweet spot was achieved when we by abstracting what we wanted - ie establishing shots of Edinburgh - in the form of a challenge - ie film the most Scottish thing you can. This was reported by the contributors as the most fun whilst also yielding the most useful footage.

In other words, if you’re going to get people to jump through hoops for you - make it exciting and don’t be too restrictive!