Diverse UGC submissions

Does anyone have any thoughts/tips on getting diverse submissions from your audience when making UGC, in terms of the subject matter, style and demographically, etc.?

For example, we found this to be a challenge when working with a team who were creating a piece around a political issue and were asking their participants to submit their opinions, in the hope of creating a video with a wide range of perspectives from wide range of people. They received a lot of similar footage from people of a similar demographic, despite inviting a varied group of people to participate.

Has anyone had similar experience of this?

Some groups are always going to be more vocal than others, I’ve definitely had this experience before. We got round it by approaching grassroots groups directly and asking them to get involved, and making sure our materials weren’t only resonating with a specific set of people.

Thanks @Sophie, really useful tips. I suppose this comes back to what we’ve found with UGC, in terms of the benefit of creating a relationship between the contributors and the producer throughout the whole process, and fostering a community as a whole.