Fixed Session Code?

is there a way to determine the same access code to start a session? Currently the number changes for every new session.

I am working towards a public installation project, audiences come in and would take the QR code to join the session from a computer screen. Ideally they would grab the QR code from a printed poster on the wall instead, and it wouldn’t change even if the installation is restarted every day (or after crashes and power outages).

Thanks, Hans

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Hi Hans,

It’s not possible to do that from Audio Orchestrator, I’m afraid.

There’s quite a big risk with using a fixed session code that multiple sessions with the same code could be started, which at the very least would be really confusing, but might well cause some big problems. So we think that your computer screen solution is probably best. But, if you’re willing to take the risk, we could potentially send you a version of the interface template that has a fixed session code, which you’d be able to use with your exports from Audio Orchestrator.


Hi Jon,

I assume the numbers are randomly generated, so for 6 digits there is a 1 in a million chance that the same code is used twice?

There’s also the option to use fixed codes only during the performance as I may be able to fix issues on the spot. Then I’d use dynamic codes during regular hours when I’m not around. Would that make sense?

Maybe you can send me the template and I have a look how it’ll work.



Hi Hans,

I believe that one of the 6 digits is used as a check digit, so there are actually 100,000 possible combinations. But it’s not the random chance of two session codes being generated that we’d be concerned about — it’s that using the current template, it would be pretty easy to accidentally (or by deliberate exploration or confusion) start another session (as main device) from the same experience, which would have the hard-coded fixed session code. (I.e., someone would just need to remove the /#!/join/<sessionId> component from the join URL.)

I’ll drop you an e-mail with a modified template, anyway.