Good morning from the Dorset antipodean

Hi all. I help teach sound and media production in a university on the south coast and am finding my way around this MakerBox community for the first time.
I’ve got a particular interest in creating interactive audio content with a leaning towards accessibility for all.

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Hi Alex,

Welcome to the community! There’s lots of conversations going on interactivity over here: Choosing your first adventure: how to get started in interactive writing
What are good questions to ask when you're developing interactive stories?

Feel free to add to them, or start your own, or both!

And keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be adding tools based around audio experiences in the next few months.


Hi @AJW, I’d like to introduce you to @JonFrancombe and @Emma - they are both audio experts and are currently doing some really interesting work in immersive and interactive audio.

Please feel free to set up a thread if there’s anything in particular you would like to chat about!

Thanks for the introduction @Bronnie

Hi @AJW — happy to chat about the immersive audio work we’re doing if you like.


Hi Jon - yes, I’d be interested to hear about your work. I’m not directly working on immersive projects myself at present, but I teach audio production at a university, and it’s certainly something that I’m trying to foster links and conversation about among the student groups (UG and PG) that I’m working with.

Thanks for the connection, @Bronnie !