Hello from the BBC R&D Audio team

Hello all,

I’m Emma Young and I work in the audio team at BBC R&D. We’re working on production tools so you can easily build immersive and interactive audio experiences.

We work on things like this:

Would love to hear from you whether you’re just starting out with audio, have ideas you want to develop or are a seasoned pro in the world of immersive audio!

Speak soon!

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Thanks Emma - these immersive audio experiences look very interesting to consider, plan and create, and an area in which I feel enormously inspired. Quick tech remark: I’ve found Reaper to be a useful DAW environment for working with immersive programme creation and object management. Is this software getting some use with your team?

Hi Alex,

We like working with Reaper too and use it alongside other DAWs regularly.

Have you come across the S3A plugins that are part of the VISR Production Suite?:

These came out of the S3A project and are compatible with Reaper as well as other DAWs (inc. Nuendo, Pro Tools and Ableton Live).


Hi Emma - yes I’ve experimented with the VISR production suite, in Reaper. Really good - although I was never able to get the Binaural plug-in to work (I always got a Python-related error that persisted despite my best efforts to ensure the Python install was correct).