Hello from the RAF Museum

Hi. My name’s Dan and I work as a digital producer for the RAF Museum. One of the best bits of my job involves trying to create interesting, engaging and informative content using the museum’s archives - that could be historical objects, photographs, audio and video. Which is why I’m here - hoping to experiment with some of the MakerBox tools and to share ideas with other creative types.

So thanks for having me onboard!
Here’s an example of the kind of thing I’ve been making https://www.rafstories.org/story/raf-wp-14818


Hi @DanW, great to have you here. Your project sounds really cool! It’s brilliant to be presenting archive materials in fresh, exciting ways, and giving them a new lease of life to new audiences.

Look forward to chatting more!

Hi @Bronnie

Thanks. Does my log in to this Community mean that I have been approved use of individual tools - Canvas, Story Former etc? Or is that a separate process?

Hi again,

The community is separate, it’s for discussions, sharing tips/advice, connecting with other creators etc. Requests for the tools are dealt with individually as there are different variables for each of them. I’ve seen you’ve sent a couple of requests in already, so we will be in touch with you very soon :smiley:


Oh wow, looks like you’re working with a really powerful collection. I had a bit of an explore and I love the richness you’re brining to these interviews