Hello from Wales!

Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Shirish and I’m a freelance journalist based in South Wales. I’ve just started a research project into News Storytelling - in collaboration with Cardiff University and the BBC. You can read a bit more about it here: https://www.clwstwr.org.uk/projects/news-storytelling-through-modular-journalism

I’m here to hopefully learn and share, and really interested to see what other people are doing in. In that spirit, I’m writing about the progress of my research here: https://medium.com/@shirishmonnow and would welcome all thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Shirish!

Welcome to MakerBox, the NewsLab collaborations sounds fascinating - hopefully you can pass on you findings here. I’m always interested in what factors determine the success in transmitting communication. Likewise, I’d be interested to see how you measure that success.


Hi Mark - definitely trying to make all my work as open as possible, as I guess it’s for the benefit of all of us. It’s early days yet, but definitely trying to make that measurement as “quantitative” as possible is going to be important. Having some data that we can use to measure success, rather than just qualitative “that’s nice” stuff would be great!

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Hi Shirish, thanks for posting your medium blog. There’s a lot of interestingly chewy stuff there - I especially liked the ‘what news designers can learn from game design’ one https://medium.com/@shirishmonnow/what-news-storytellers-can-learn-from-game-design-4c8f590a6d56

What are you envisioning the outcome of the research to be?

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: The provisional aim is that we’d have 3 or 4 prototype story forms that we’d then test as “quantitatively” as possible to see how well they work in terms of comprehensibility, memorability, engagement etc. I say “provisional” because we don’t yet know what we’ll discover, and what’s possible, but it’s a noble aspiration at least!

Sounds great! Look forward to seeing more at some point