How to end a story with no ending

Hi community,
My first time here so I hope this is the right sort of topic. I’m using StoryFormer to create a kind of interactive story-telling training platform. The user can choose from 6 stories they can go on, and then other choices appear as they’re going down on the adventure. When that adventure has finished, they go back to ‘home’ and pick another, so it isn’t a linear thing. Ideally, what we’d have happen is that after they’ve done 3 stories, or played for a certain amount of time (say 20 minutes) then a new slide would come up saying that they’ve completed their training, and giving us an ending. BUT what I don’t know is, is that possible on this software? Can anyone guide me on this please?
Thank you!

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Hello and welcome!

We don’t have a timer function I’m afraid - it’s a good idea though. I’ve passed your feedback on to the development team.

About the option for viewers that have selected 3 out of 6 choices…

… currently, you could make a sprawling graph structure with every permutation but that would need 182 nodes - a figurative and perhaps literal headache!

The good news, however, is we have a manipulate variable feature which will be live in the next couple of weeks that will solve the issue of moving on after a viewer has selected 3/6 choices.

The manipulate feature will allow you to create a variable that increases every time a viewer takes a branch, you can then create a link that can be taken only when the variable reaches 3 (for example).

Thanks for your question, keep them coming along. We want to make StoryFormer the best we can so your feedback is invaluable.