Lean Forward or Sit Back?

Lean forward vs sit back - the tension facing any producer creating an interactive narrative. If your audience is sitting back they aren’t interacting but if they lean forward too much it breaks their immersion with the experience. Getting this balance right, or at least designing for it, is crucial.

When we created Instagramification we opted to get the audience to provide all their data up-front, before any content started. This way the audience can sit back once their only ‘lean-forward’ commitment had been made.

Click 1000 was designed with an active role for the audience in mind. Audiences selected where they wanted to take the experience next so this potential annoyance was addressed in several ways.

The cadence of these lean forward moments was assessed, hoping not to be overburdening. The audiences role was integral to the content and the presented addressed the audience in the second person throughout.

Rather than focussing on the disadvantages of leaning forward, Click identified the ability to skip the credits or sections as a benefit of leaning forward.

Lastly leaning forward was expected but wasn’t mandatory, the experience would progress regardless of action, allowing that lazy laying back!

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