Manifolds in St. Petersburg, Russia Nov 22-28

Hi all,

if anybody here is in St. Petersburg, Russia, come to my installation at this year’s CYBERFEST. The opening with a participatory performance is on Mon Nov 22 from 8pm to closing, Installation open until Sun Nov 28from 6pm to closing. More information here. The organizers hope for around 150 people taking part in the opening performance, so that should be a blast!

Manifolds is a multichannel installation and audience participation performance, where visitors become a moving loudspeaker orchestra projecting sounds through their cell phones. Each channel is streamed to the audience’s cell phones over the Internet. A laptop receives the main channel containing the lower frequencies, while the higher voices are solely distributed to the audience’s cell phones. Visitors connect through a browser using a QR code, and by walking around in the space they become a moving loudspeaker orchestra. You can check out the piece here.