May 2022 Audio Orchestrator update: open-source template


the latest version of Audio Orchestrator (0.22.0) is now available from MakerBox. This update mainly supports our other major announcement:

We have published the audio-orchestration JavaScript library and prototype application template underlying the export from Audio Orchestrator as open-source code.

You can check out the code from the audio-orchestration repository on GitHub and find out more in our blog post.

So if you’re up for some coding, you can now completely change the look, feel, and features of your Audio Orchestrator experiences. Or you could work with a developer to create a custom version of the template for your project and then put your audio assets and behaviours into it using Audio Orchestrator as with the built-in version. The documentation includes a guide to using a custom template in this way.

Customising the template code for specific experiences has allowed us to add custom functionality such as the listening party for Seeking New Gods, the automatic selection of instruments in Pick A Part, or the “dark mode” interface for Monster.

Get in touch with the MakerBox team to receive the updated installation files if you’d like to make use of this. And please let us know what you’ve created if you’ve given it a go!