New Release: EAR Production Suite v0.7.0

Posted on behalf of Matt Firth:

Hi all! We’d like to announce a new beta release of our EAR Production Suite software, developed by BBC R&D and IRT under the EBU:
The EAR Production Suite enables production of next-generation audio content using the Audio Definition Model (ADM - ITU-R BS.2076).

The most significant improvements in this release are support for HOA input and a Binaural monitoring plug-in using our BEAR renderer, complete with with head-tracking support.

We are keen to gather feedback on head-tracker compatibility whether good or bad so we can broaden our support. Head over to this thread to provide your feedback.

View our complete Change Log and ReadMe here.

Thanks for the notification on this - I’ll check it out.
I’m particularly interested in the new binaural tools.
Side note: I did some separate testing with the binaural tools from VISR-S3A but was never able to get the binaural plug-in to load.