New Release: EAR Production Suite v0.7.1

Hi all! We’d like to announce a new beta release of our EAR Production Suite software, developed by BBC R&D and IRT under the EBU:

The EAR Production Suite enables production of next-generation audio content using the Audio Definition Model (ADM - ITU-R BS.2076).

v0.7.1 is a bugfix release, primarily to fix a problem that was causing crashes on Apple Silicon macs.

The release and full changelog can be downloaded from

Hi there ! Thanks for this new update, it works perfectly on M1 Mac ! A question, is there a possibility to implement this ADM binaural renderer into Unity ? And simple objects renderer too ? I am producing VR Contents and I am looking for solutions with object/HOA/multichannel audio.

Hi - we actually have a Unity package for ADM playback which we created for another project:
Unfortunately it hasn’t been built and tested for M1 before and it is likely some modification would be required. I expect it will probably involve patching the “FFTS” dependency - we do a similar thing for the EAR Production Suite at the moment. The patch we use is here: - and we apply it in the CMake script here: