Nice To Have - Limit Number of Channels

Limiting the number of channels to either a minimum or maximum per device.

Can be done with the existing tools, but is more work if you simply want to set these limits without determining which channels appear on which device.


Hi Hans,

Just checking I understand correctly — you’re after a behaviour that you could use to say “there should only be N audio objects sent to this device”? (Or, more accurately given how the allocation algorithm works, “this object shouldn’t be allocated to a device that already has more than N objects allocated”.)

As you mention, there will be ways to achieve this—depending on the exact use case—but currently might require a bit of work with custom behaviours.

You can do something like that for max one object with the Exclusive custom behaviour. But that’s where you’d like a maximum of one object in any device. We could consider a new behaviour type in future where you could specify a max number of objects in a device.

Hope that’s helpful—as always, very happy to discuss specific use cases or help to find the best combination of behaviours. And your feedback is really useful.


Hi Jon,

yes, correct. And nice to have, certainly not a deal breaker. Currently would save me a minute, but I could see that it saves a lot more time when using larger numbers of files.


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