No sound from iPhones

Hi there!
Made good progress in setting up an audioscene with AO today.
But I encounter some issues with my iPhone XR and an old Iphone 7:
although being connected as additional devices to a main device (Macbook) they won’t make sound audible.
The progress bar is running, desired otions are available - there’s just no sound.
No matter if Safari or Chrome as browser.
The iPad behaves as expected…
Any ideas?


Hi Werner,

Great to hear you’ve made some progress using the tool!

We’ve found a common problem with iPhones is that there’s a hardware silent mode switch on the side of the phones, and if silent mode is on then you don’t get any audio. Might that be the problem? Give us a shout if that doesn’t solve it.


Hi Jon,
thanks. Yeah that’s the issue. Had forgotten about that, as it’s not that often.



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Great, glad that sorted it. Let us know what you’re making! :slight_smile:

I made this same mistake when testing a project! Phone was on silent. :slight_smile: