Pick A Part with the BBC Philharmonic

Today, we released another production made with Audio Orchestrator on BBC Taster.

Pick A Part was made in collaboration with the BBC Philharmonic. It lets listeners connect devices and choose which instrument plays from each—so you can listen more closely to certain instruments, or connect multiple devices and sit in the middle of the ensemble.

There have been a two major challenges with orchestration of classical music in the past.

  1. Recordings of orchestral music are generally made with all of the musicians playing together, whereas audio orchestration works best when we have separate recordings of the individual instruments. When lockdown started in March, musicians had to adapt to performing from home, and one side effect of this was that we suddenly had access to these individual recordings.

  2. The synchronisation requirements of classical music are more stringent than for other types of content (for example, sound design in drama). Some devices can add extra delay on top of the synchronisation system that we use, which can make it unsuitable for music. To combat this, we’re using the calibration tool in Audio Orchestrator, which provides an easy way for the listener to accurately calibrate their devices. You can read more about this in the documentation. (Calibration mode can be enabled from the Appearance page.)

There’s a bit more detail in my blog post, and we’d love to hear what you think!


Hi Jon,
thanks. That’s looks really interesting. Would love to try it. But unfortunately only the front page with the description of the projecrt is visible - not the application itself as it’s georestricted for use only within UK (see attached screesnhsot). Would it be possible to load it on a scecret non-BBC-Taster URL too?
Best regards

Hi Werner,

Yes, unfortunately we only have rights for the content in the UK. I’ll follow up with you directly.