Separating audience interaction from default paths

Hi everyone, I’m a student at the University of York and for my final year project I’m developing an interactive TV series where the viewers choices would be collated as a community using StoryKit and these choices would go on to influence further episodes. I wanted to do this so that audiences could truly impact the events and ending of a TV series without there already being a fixed number of endings in place from episode 1.

My question is, is it possible to separate out the data from those viewers who did not interact with the lean-forward choices and ended up on the default path (much like Click 1000 had)? I am concerned that those who do not interact will cause the data to skew so when looking at the data about what path audiences chose, the default path will be the dominant one even if out of those who actively made choices, this was not their choice.

I hope this makes sense and looking forward to hearing anyones thoughts on this!

Hi Emma,

We capture clicks as well as paths - so I think we can differentiate between users who went down the default paths because they didn’t interact, and users who went down those paths as the result of actively choosing them.

Hi Emma,

Matt is correct - there is enough data captured in the analytics that you could work that out. However, it is a little more complex… Basically it depends on how your story is viewed.

When published experiences are viewed (things like Click1000 and His Dark Materials, which are on BBC Taster) we capture all the analytics, but only material that meets BBC editorial standards is published.

If your story is viewed through StoryPlayer (there is a link in the StoryFormer header) then we also capture analytics. Only people with BBC logins or logins via MakerBox and who are on your project will be able to view this way though. Obviously if you are physically with the viewer you could show them on your account. You would have to ask us for the analytics in this case.

The third viewing option will be the downloadable Electron app. This is due very shortly, and will allow you to download a player (for Windows/Mac/Linux) and your story/media as a zip file. You can share these files as widely as you wish so other people can view your story (they will probably be very large files though, depending on your media). This player doesn’t currently capture analytics, but if it would be useful we could probably implement something pretty quickly that saves the data into a text file.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you have any other questions or requests, do ask here!

Best wishes,

Hi, thank you for this information! It would be really useful if I could capture analytics when people watch the downloadable version so I can see how people are engaging with my program so if that’s possible that would be great.

Many thanks,