StoryFormer 1.0 Launch Monday March 30th

Hi all,

We’re happy to say we will be launching StoryFormer 1.0 at 10am on Monday March 30th.

We have improved the look and feel throughout the tool, working on consistency, language, iconography and layout, and bringing it in line with other BBC tools.

We’ll be following up rapidly with a full user manual, and a new tutorial.

A heads up for those experienced with StoryFormer - some of the functionality you’re used to may be hidden behind the new feature toggles, which we’ve introduced to allow you to tailor the interface to your level of expertise. If you click on your email address in the top right of StoryFormer, you’ll find a new Change Enabled Features menu.

This will launch a new popup where you can pick Simple, Complex and Expert defaults, or decide which individual features you would like enabled in your interface.

As ever the StoryFormer team will be keeping an eye on this forum, so please post if you have any queries or problems with the new release when it arrives.




Fantastic. Glad this is still being developed. I have a couple of potential ideas, just need time to work on them.

Awesome! Congrats team!

Congratulations, its looking good!