Suggestion: When Files Run Out


so I tested out what happened if all files (I tried 4) are allocated, and no more are allowed. The fifth device didn’t give me any error message. Instead, it moves the timeline ahead, but of course you don’t hear anything.

Some error message such as all sounds are allocated to the luckier folks in this space would be helpful. The error message should be editable by the user as different projects might require different instructions at that point.

I am imagining an installation/concert with a larger number of people (a walking loudspeaker orchestra) - enough people and files that it’s not immediately clear when we’re running out of voices. It might not be a problem to repeat files again after all files are allocated, but I don’t know yet.


Thanks, Hans. Another thing we’ll bear in mind.

I agree that it would be difficult to come up with a suitable generic message or display that catered to all use cases, so it would be necessary to build some flexibility around this into Audio Orchestrator. We’ll add it to the list of things to consider!