Voice as more than transactional?

We’ve just started working with Charisma.ai - free text entry and voice tool that you can build bots with, and also create dialogue led narratives. It’s different from voice devices such as Google Home or Alexa as rather than being purely transactional (or slavishly obedient), Charisma.ai allows you to interact with the characters.

For me it really adds something new to stories, but do you think that Google and Amazon will follow suit?

I certainly hope so, I’d love to turn Alexa into a cranky Granny character (ideally with a Scouse accent)!

Alexa is going celeb with a Samual L Jackson voice option

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I’m excited and daunted by the prospect of an “explicit” Sam Jackson Alexa. Do we think people will welcome more personality in their voice assistants? More conversational, and less transactional?